In search of Music in Drama, Music as Drama, Music as Music Christos Pittas composes Choreo-dramatic, Incidental, Symphonic, Chamber, Vocal and Poetry inspired music.

In his creative journey his passion for 'Staged Music', involving dancers and/or actors, remains a major source of inspiration.

Of this, he says:

"In a Choreo-Dramatic Music Act, the sound, i.e. the music, provides the reason and the context to other forms of artistic expression to develop from, through and because of it".

"I think of a type of Theatre where the organised sound, i.e. the music, forms the axis upon, around and through which the human body expresses the world it carries within… In this context, the Sound is not only a way of expression in its own right but also a phenomenon which primarily initiates other forms of human response and expression. I call that type of theatre, the “Theatre of Sound ”.

"In a choreo-dramatic Music Act the musicians are not there to provide a music accompaniment. The sound, the music they produce, substitutes conventional speech. It is as if that sound takes place in the brains and the senses of the dancers. The sound determines the shape of their bodies and what these bodies express".

"I believe that the overall development of my music - and I am not referring only to the music associated with the stage - owes a lot to the theatre, it being the texts of Aeschylus, Euripides, Sophocles, but also some contemporary dramatists and poets in whose works I found forms, motifs and structural balances that stimulated and guided my musical thought and quest".



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